Skiing season in full speed at Saaremaa

It’s this time of year when you take out your skiing gear and go out to the nature. At Saaremaa there are several great skiing track where you enjoy the ride, many of these quite close to Kuressaare:

  • Right in town there is Kuressaare Sports Park with up to 2km tracks, both freestyle and classical. Track has lights, ski as lates as you wish
  • Kudjape track is about 5 minutes drive from the center. Also both freestyle and classical is available
  • Kärla track is rather short, only 1.6km but is well looked after and has lights
  • Karujärve sports center is just about 20minutes from Kuressaare on the coast of lake Karujärve. 10km track is nicely arranged to offer different type of landscapes.

Weather forecast promises some snow with near gale wind, nothing too scare I’m sure. As they say – there is no bad weather just wrong equipment.

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